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Tell me a story!

How often do you get to tell people what really drives you; your passion in working; your most meaningful accomplishments; where you want to take your career? Take advantage of that opportunity in your LinkedIn Profile Summary section.

Unfortunately I rarely see a Summary that tells a person’s story. Frequently Summaries look similar to LinkedIn experience sections, for the most part, boring. Sometimes I find the Summary omitted altogether.

Determine an objective you want to accomplish with your Summary. Think of a few words that describe you. Build your story around those words using examples to illustrate their meaning as they relate to you. Remember, write for your readers, many or whom you don’t know and many who don’t know you. What will gain their attention; keep them engaged; make you memorable?

You can also build your story around some of your proudest moments. Tell your readers about those significant milestones you achieved. Explain why they had such great meaning to you. Before you publish your Summary ask someone or a few people for their opinion.

Be strategic. Make sure your story leads your readers to think of you as you want them to and it accomplishes your objective. Revisit your summary at least twice every year. Make changes when necessary or desired.

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