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LinkedIn Endorsements..What to do?

Following one of my recent presentations someone asked me a great question about LinkedIn endorsements. These endorsements have always puzzled me somewhat including what to do upon receiving one.

When they first LinkedIn first began this feature a few years back I did nothing in response to receiving endorsements. Especially at first, I would received an endorsement for something the sender had never experienced with me...weird.

I have acted inconsistently over the years. I have sent thank you messages to some people but not all. I recently decided I had shown bad manners in the past. I should send everyone who endorses me for something a thank you message. It's like receiving a gift. You always thank the giver, even for the gifts you don't like.

Another question, should you immediately endorse back someone who endorses you. It could appear quid pro quo. So wait, a day, a few days, perhaps longer to make your endorsement more meaningful.

Endorsements keep the endorser top of mind with their connection. It's another way to tell someone I'm thinking about you, supporting your relationship with that person.

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