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Let's talk networking...

"'Networking is the No. 1 unwritten rule of success in business,' she says as her mantra" (Sallie Krawcheck, January 31, 2014, Wall Street Journal). As one of Wall Street's most powerful people, perhaps networking comes easily to her? Probably her personality, natural skills, being extroverted all help. Yet, many people not having those three characteristics also excel at networking. They also attribute their successes to the relationships they built throughout their lives. Successful networkers, network strategically, either innately or by learning how. And you find the great networkers everywhere: in huge cities or small towns; working for large corporations or small non-profits; an office in the C-Suite or a work station on the factory floor; big universities or small colleges; living in mansions or subsidized housing. You don't need to be on a golf course to successfully network! In future posts, you will find thoughts about strategic networking and personal branding, the stuff you bring to the process. The goal of this blog, to help you maximize your rewards:

  • extrinsic and intrinsic

  • short and long term

  • professionally and personally

  • to you individually and to your company or organization

Something you should realize, I will also benefit from you reading this blog. My brand will improve if you like what I post, decline if you don't! A future post will discuss how your writing and where you decide to publish your words will contribute to your personal brand, both as an opportunity and a risk.

Please share your comments, thoughts and questions regarding any post. I hope you find this blog helps you pursue your purpose, benefitting work and life. Fred Siegman Serial Connector™

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